4 Quality screensavers for your desktop computer

Your desktop screensaver is the one you see most of the time after logging in to your computer. This is why choosing the best screensaver for your desktop computer is crucial, especially if you want to be inspired and uplifted. Your desktop screensaver also lets you be more expressive and showcase your creativity. 

To give you an idea of the best screensavers you can use, Pages 3D gives you this list of quality desktop screensavers to try:


This is the screensaver for you if Lego is your all-time favourite toy. One of the best Windows 10 screensavers is the Briblo Windows black screen saver, which allows you to play with movable Lego-like blocks. That leaves the bricks open to any design you can imagine. This is also the ideal screensaver if you want Briblo to have fun with shapes. Briblo is a classic among screensavers, and it’s a lot of fun to use for people who want an interactive option.


For those who want a moody and atmospheric screensaver, this is the right choice for you. The Underwater screensaver is an animation that transports you to a deep sea environment where you can glance up at a shimmering light above the water’s surface. It’s soothing, modern, and features a beautifully crafted timepiece that doubles as a date display in the centre of the screen.


Plane9 is a 3D graphical visualizer with more than 250 stunning and fantastic scenes, making it one of the most aesthetically amazing collections of screensaver effects. There is an almost infinite number of visual effects that can be created by combining these sequences and making them flow into one another.

This screensaver also changes and flows to the tunes you’re listening to on your computer, whether you’re using Spotify or iTunes. Leave the screensaver running while the music plays, and you’ll have a great visual backdrop whenever you use your desktop computer.

Electric Sheep

When it comes to screensavers for Windows 10, Electric Sheep is among the best because of its gorgeous visuals and innovative movements. The Electric Sheep screensaver appears whenever your computer enters ‘sleep’ mode.

You can vote on which animations you like most to see the most popular screensaver for longer. This is determined through a crossover-based genetic algorithm. You can also create your own screensaver and add them to the collection.

Screensaver tools you can use

Do you want to make your own screensaver? Here are some of the best tools you can use to customise your screensaver:

Wallpaper Engine

Who says screensavers can’t be animated? You can create moving desktop backgrounds for Windows 10 and Windows 11 with the inexpensive yet feature-rich Wallpaper Engine. This tool is available on Steam and is home to thousands of user-created screensavers to choose from. What makes Wallpaper Engine the best is that you can configure the screensavers to animate after a period of inactivity and choose the best theme you want.

IMAX Hubble 3D

The film Hubble 3D served as inspiration for a fantastic screensaver on Windows 10 called IMAX Hubble 3D. Leonardo DiCaprio narrates this narrative of the scientists sent to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. It lets you explore the depths of space and boasts stunning visuals.

The 3D screensaver features stunning celestial views captured by the telescope. If you’re using Windows 10, this is a must-have screensaver that uses Adobe Flash Player. This screensaver has special features such as motion-blurred and high-quality photographs of the night sky filled with dazzling stars.

Looking for more diverse screensavers? For more quality screensavers, visit Pages 3D.

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