Pages 3D: Find out the meaning of screensavers and wallpapers

What are screensavers? These are eye-pleasing visuals that your computer uses whenever it goes idle. From a blank slate, pops of moving colours and pictures slowly fill up the screen. 

Given its nature, screensavers are mainly for aesthetic purposes, customization and personalization of your devices. As such, it can be anything you want!

Why are screensavers invented in the first place?

The existence of screensavers might not make sense at first, but it was created for an important purpose. Back then, old computers did not have the strength and durability as the ones you have today. 

Leaving them on display for too long can burn the screen and other parts of the computer. To give them breaks, screensavers are programmed to have lower light frequencies and colours. In turn, this prevents overheating and further casualties.

Aside from that, screensavers serve as a great form of security. Leaving your computer unattended for some time will automatically lock your display to prevent others from accessing it. 

The only way to awaken the computer from its idle state is by providing a password or code. Additionally, seeing your display screen presenting attractive visuals is an interesting view.

How do screensavers differ from wallpapers?

A lot of people often interchange screensavers and wallpapers. While both serve the purpose of displaying, they also have their differences. Moreover, the former is known for its moving pictures and graphics, while the latter is just an image still. 

Aside from that, screensavers only appear when you leave your computer idle. On the other hand, wallpapers are the first thing you see when turning on your computer because it serves as the background image for your apps.

What kind of screensavers can I have?

There are a lot of screensavers available online, and it is likely for you to find something that suits your tastes. Here is a list of types of screensavers to give you an idea:

  • Abstract shapes
  • Moving sceneries
  • Calming visuals
  • Nature screensavers
  • Cartoon screensavers
  • Interactive screensavers
  • Galaxy-themed screensavers.

Where can I get cool screensavers?

If you are looking for screensavers that match your tastes, Pages 3D is the best place for browsing. Here, there are over 10 million available free screensavers for you to grab and save. 

These visuals belong to a diverse range of themes, and one of them will surely match your tastes. Additionally, you can also find multiple wallpapers that can match your screensavers and give your display a satisfying transitional flow. 

On top of that, Pages 3D also accepts customisation in case you want to have a specific design. All you have to do is provide what kind of visuals you want to see as well as the theme you are trying to achieve. You can know more about it when you visit the website of Pages 3D! 

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