Pages 3D: Frequently asked questions

Pages 3D is ready to provide top-notch screensavers you can show off to your friends. Using their visuals will bring the customisation of your computer one step further. Get to know more about the design company with this article dedicated to frequently asked questions.

  1. What is Pages 3D all about?

Pages 3D is a design company that mainly creates screensavers for computers. These moving visuals have 3D aesthetics that make them appear as if they are coming out of your screen. As for the available designs, Pages 3D has a long list of screensaver themes you can browse from. 

  1. What kind of service does Pages 3D offer?

Pages 3D strives to provide quality screensavers that people can use whenever they can. Everything you see on the live website is the available screensavers you can download for free. If you want to have something that matches your liking, Pages 3D accepts customisation.

  1. What are screensavers?

Screensavers are the moving visuals that you see whenever your computer goes into an idle state. These provide a good view for the eyes and security for your files at the same time. 

In essence, screensavers are a need for your computers because they not only bring beauty but also protection for your data.

  1. What can I do with screensavers?

You can use your newly downloaded screensavers by setting them up on your computer settings. Here is a guide for you to follow:

  • Go to the menu on your computer. When you are there, click on settings.
  • In settings, search for display. This category contains all things related to what you will see on your computer. It also includes settings for your screensaver.
  • Click on the screensaver settings to change your current. This will also lead you to the file containing all your available screensavers. 
  • After that, choose the one that you want and save your changes. Doing so will immediately apply to your computer.
  • On top of that, you have the choice to edit your time off settings. Shortening the period means the faster your computer becomes idle.
  1. Can I request a custom screensaver?

Pages 3D gladly accepts commissions for custom screensavers. This is your chance to request detailed designs and themes that will fit your liking. 

With this service, you can work with designers and communicate what kind of result you are looking for. To further achieve your goal, make sure to provide samples or pegs that the designers can base their work on.

  1. How can I reach Pages 3D?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can easily contact Pages 3D through their company email. This is the best form of communication because it is easier for designers to see any updates. 

When writing an email, make sure to specifically indicate your concern on the subject line then elaborate the message on the body.

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