Pages 3D: Different types of screensavers you can use

Screensavers are meant to protect your computer screen from overheating and receiving any bad damage due to overexposure. Aside from that, these prevent people from hacking and accessing your files while you are away from your device. 

The good news about screensavers is that there are different types to choose from. Each has unique features that will suit your preferences. Below is a list of types to give you an idea:

  1. 3D Text

This type of screensaver will show you words that float, spin and tumble on a black screen. The displayed word can be customised and turned into whatever you want. Moreover, 3D Text is the most popular type of screensaver to have since it is easy to set up. Some computers even use this as the default screensaver.

  1. Blank

You do not have to worry about thinking of a cool screensaver because the blank type is here to save you. A black background will overtake your entire screen and show you absolutely nothing. This is perfect for those who want to disguise their idle computers as if they were shut down. It will prevent snoopy people from making changes on your device.

  1. Bubbles

Do you want something positive and bubbly on your screen? If so, you should try installing a bubbles screensaver. When your computer is idle, your screen will turn black and iridescent bubbles start to fill up the space. Moving your mouse will make the bubbles and the black screen disappear.

  1. Mystify

Add some colour to your blank screen with a mystify screensaver type. This consists of multi-coloured lines that move around a black screen. Watching the lines squiggle on your computer screen can put you into a trance because of the satisfying visuals.

  1. Photo Gallery

If you have the extra time, set up a photo gallery as your screensaver. The moment your computer becomes idle, your screen will present a slideshow of pictures. These can be photos of your best memory, loved ones, your pets or yourself. 

  1. Photo

If you do not have the time to set up a slideshow of photos, you are free to assign a single photo as your screensaver. This saves up a lot of time, and it will display the picture that matters most to you. 

  1. Ribbons

Another colourful screensaver type you can use is ribbons. This will display colourful lines that randomly appear anywhere on a blank screen. 

  1. Clock

The clock screensaver type is a simple yet efficient choice, especially when you lose track of time. When your computer turns idle, the screen will automatically display a full view of the current time. Moving the cursor will bring back the apps displayed on your screen.

All these screensavers are available on Pages 3D. On top of that, you can also have football clubs and music artists as your screensaver. Visit its official website today and see what screensaver you will download! 

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