Pages 3D: Interesting screensavers themes you need to try

Whoever said that screensavers are a big waste of time, they are wrong. Installing one in your computer is a need because it will protect your data from being accessed by strangers. Moreover, screensavers are automated and can restrict entry. Opening your computer will require users to type your password before they can see your files.

The security feature of screensavers does not limit themselves there; these come in different designs that fit your personality! If you are looking for a screensaver idea, check out the list below:

  1. Retro cyberpunk city

Everyone seems to be loving anything retro to the point that they have ‘retro-fied’ different kinds of things including screensavers. In the world of screensavers, there is a category known as retro cyberpunk city. Here are the details of this theme to give you an idea of what it looks like:

  • Pink, orange, yellow, purple and blue hues
  • A sunset view
  • A city containing neo-technology but has retro elements that reference the past.

Choosing this as your screensaver will make your laptop look cool. The colours of these will captivate anyone who stares at your screen and allow them to check the different elements present.

  1. Anime screensavers

Anime screensavers are popular and trending right now because of the large following of Japanese animated series. When it comes to design, these screensavers would often have an image of a particular anime character. It can be a close-up or full-body shot and beside it are related items to that character.

If you want to see the dynamic, you can opt to have a moving anime screensaver. This also contains a particular character but instead of being static, they are doing their iconic moves. In some screensavers, certain body parts of a character such as the eyes, hands or feet move.

  1. GIF screensavers

Your computer will look more fun when you use a GIF screensaver. A GIF is a moving image that loops endlessly; developers have found a way to turn this into a screensaver to cater to the public’s needs.

With that in mind, you can now have a GIF as your screensaver! This can be a scene from your favourite movie or a meme that cheers you up every time you see it.

  1. Lego screensavers

Having a lego screensaver is hypnotising yet entertaining. As soon as it starts, your eyes will follow where a piece will land on the screen and look forward to what will be built! Having this as your screensaver will motivate you to leave your computer idle for a long time just to see the result.

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