Pages 3D: Why you need a screensaver

In today’s digital era, some people would argue that screensavers are obsolete, claiming that they’re not modern. However, here at Pages 3D, we beg to differ.

As the leading provider of screensavers and wallpapers, we want to spread their importance. That’s why in this blog, we’ve listed them down one by one to give you a better idea and hopefully change your mind about them being outdated. Let’s get started!

Why are people saying screensavers are obsolete?

The reason why we wanted to write this blog in the first place is that several people are claiming that screensaver isn’t needed anymore. This is true to some extent as screensavers were initially invented to prevent Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors from experiencing something called ‘screen burning’.

Screen burning occurs when an image is displayed too long on the screen and screensavers help prevent this from happening by displaying another video, picture or a set of images.

However, the main reason why screensavers are deemed obsolete is that people think that it’s more practical to let the screen fade to black when it’s left unattended. This lets them save power and prolong the lifespan of their devices at the same time.

Benefits of having screensavers

Although their claims and reasons are indeed valid, we believe that you’ll be missing out on a few important benefits if you don’t use screensavers. These include:

It lets you personalise your device

Whether you’re using a laptop, desktop or smartphone, you can’t deny that using a screensaver is one of the best ways to personalise your devices. These devices are already robotic enough and adding your personal touch to them using screensavers makes them more humane.

There are only so many ways you can personalise your device and adding a screensaver is one of them. By doing this, you’ll be adding a bit of personality to your phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

Moreover, what you set as your screensaver can be entirely up to you. You can either choose from the presets of the device or choose a photo that means something to you to make it feel more personalised. The possibilities are endless and the best part is you can mix this screensaver up anytime you want to keep your device looking and feeling fresh at all times.

Here are some screensaver ideas that you can use:


If you’re one to marvel at beautiful sights, then you should set a certain scenery you find attractive as your screensaver. This can be anything from a beautiful bird’s eye view of your city to a magnificent mountain range. It’s up to your imagination and preference!

Sports team

For all the die-hard sports fans out there, you can opt to set your favourite team’s logo as your screensaver! If you’re looking for sleek and premium-looking designs for your team, feel free to check out the ones posted here on our website. 

Whether it be teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB or more, you can expect to find their logos in our collection. 

Family picture

If you want to keep a piece of your family wherever you go, then you should opt to use their picture as your screensaver for your phone, laptop and computer. This way, whenever you miss them or think that you could use a little bit of inspiration, you can always look at their picture.

Abstract artwork

Sometimes, your screensaver doesn’t have to mean anything which is why some people opt to have abstract artwork. As long as it looks good for you, then you can set anything as your screensaver!

What’s great about these pieces of art is that sometimes they’re animated. This makes them all the more interesting to look at whenever you’re bored.

These artworks are usually saved on the phone’s gallery right out of the box but if those aren’t enough to satisfy you, then you can explore our collection here on Pages 3D!

Personalised artwork

If you want to showcase your artsy prowess, set your personalised artwork as your screensaver! This way, you’ll get to hone your artistic skills and showcase your works at the same time.

Bible Verse

If you need something to get through your day, then you can set your favourite bible verse as your screensaver. This way, whenever you’re feeling down, you can remind yourself of the scripture that keeps you going.

It can boost your morale

As was mentioned in the previous point, you can set photos that mean something to you as your screensaver. This may be a simple thing but it can impact your morale significantly, especially if you’re going to use the screensaver for your company laptop/computer.

For instance, let’s say that you’ve set your family picture as your screensaver on your personal computer at the office. Once you get tired of working all day, seeing this lovely image will help you remember who you’re working hard for in the first place.

Another example that we see several people do is when they set their dream car/house as their screensaver. This way, they’ll be able to stay inspired as they’re doing their job because they’ll know what they’re working towards.

It prevents other people from seeing your device’s contents

One of the most important roles of screensavers is that they protect your device’s contents from being seen by other people while you’re away. This is especially useful when you’re in your workplace and you have to leave your device unattended for a couple of minutes.

There may be some files on your desktop that are confidential and the best way to prevent your co-workers from seeing this is by slapping on a screensaver.

Moreover, doing this can also save you from the worries that you’ll feel whenever you’d have to leave your workplace.

This also goes for your smartphones as sometimes you’ll be forced to leave them in your living room when you have to go for a quick bathroom break. When other people in the room plan to snoop into your stuff, they’ll be prevented from doing so thanks to your screensaver!

It prevents you from getting hacked

Another thing that people with malicious intent can do when they see your device idle without a screensaver is hack it. Without a screensaver, you’re essentially leaving your device prone to these dangers because they won’t have to go through the necessary steps to unlock your device.

Once they get a hold of your device without your permission, they can use this opportunity to hack and breach confidential important information.

It prevents other people from framing you

One of the worst things that people can do to an unattended device is to frame the owner for something they didn’t do. Lately, this has been a running gag for some jokesters but other people, this is a serious matter.

One of the most common examples of this is that when people see that you’ve left your device unattended, they’ll post something wrong or offensive on social media using your account.

It serves as a conversation starter

Let’s say you’re in the break room in your office. When another person sees that your screensaver is also something they’re interested in, you both will have something to talk about. Then, if everything goes well, this can also be the start of a wonderful friendship!

It lets you express your creative side

The great thing about screensavers is that you can fully customise them to your liking. Going back to what was stated earlier, you can sometimes use your artwork as your screensaver which in return will let you express your creative side.

The more you make personalised screensavers, the better you’ll be at expressing your creativity. It doesn’t always have to be perfect too. As long as you enjoy what you’re doing, your creative juices will keep flowing.

Who knows? Maybe if you get good enough at creating personalised screensavers, you can start your business and make money off of your talent. 

Where can you use screensavers?

Now that you’ve learned about the different benefits of having screensavers, the big question is, where can you download them? Well, virtually anywhere! Whether you’re using a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, you can have your device be equipped with these useful screensavers.

These screensavers can vary per device as well! For instance, iOS devices have perfected the screensavers that feature dynamic elements such as flowing lights and moving geometry.

Download the best screensavers today!

These are some of the most important reasons why we think screensavers are still needed today. Aside from adding style and personal touches to your devices, they’ll also help you keep your private files safe from other people.

If you need to level up your screensavers, feel free to browse our collection here at Pages 3D!

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