Ranking the top screensavers in history

Did you ever see the computer screen as soon as you leave it for a few minutes? The screen flashed another feature that seemed to be different from its usual programming. These are screensavers that serve as protection for your computer and prevent it from overheating.

Over the years, screensavers have evolved. Most of these were just creative photos and graphics from certain artists paid by Microsoft to incorporate into their template list. However, as time went by, users were also allowed to create screensavers of their own and made it work with various functions as well. This led to a wide array of screensavers that you can enjoy nowadays.

Still, the overall display depends on your screen. If you are using an AMOLED display, then chances are, you might see how it really works. An IPS screen, however, is still guaranteed to show the full effects of the screensaver and give off the eye-popping effect of various colours. Most of these screensavers came from Pages 3D and have been fun to watch as well.

Here are some of the top screensavers in the history of graphics:


Windrift is somehow a familiar design in Mac with the Drift screensaver, which was introduced in 2020 to macOS operators. However, the flow of the colours moving in various directions show a lot of promise thanks to the colour banding and the spiral it forms as well. The design somehow feels glossy and beautiful to watch, which is why independent developers made it possible to use for Windows.


FlipIt was one of the most popular options you could use for your computer before the deprecation of Flash in 2021. However, the developer found a way to revise the said screensaver without the use of Flash, which means it would work just like others. This shows a work station filled with books and a laptop that has a changing clock on its screen.

Windows Classic

There are a few options you can use when it comes to screensavers in Windows, but some of these are the pipes and even the maze that turns at any other location. Some of these are even just moving lines that continue on and on until you touch the mouse. These are also made up of different flashing colours that will change many times in a few seconds.

Hal 9000

If you are looking to bring yourself some futuristic feels, then the Hal 9000 screensaver is the best one you can consider. This one shows various screens that have a lot of data in it. There are a total of 28 different animations across these monitors in the screensaver, which makes it slick and oddly relaxing to watch for a few seconds.


If you want to take your space travels to the next level, then the Hyperspace screensaver is the next best option you can consider. This one brings an experience for you to go all around the cosmos while going through various starfields and galaxies. This shows liquid landscapes of neon pinks, blues and purples, which is almost a reference to the ‘90s space movie ‘Contact’.


For those who want to dip into the ocean, then the Underwater screensaver is a great option. It does show the time in the middle, complete from the hours, minutes and seconds and a small date reminder to the middle right. Thalassophobes might want to skip this one out since it really shows the darker side of the ocean where almost no sunlight reaches it.

Another Matrix

The Matrix was a very popular film that became a hit for flashing codes of green numbers on the screen. This screensaver is a homage to the Matrix Resurrections trailer and it offers you the binary green text along with the trench coats and bullet-time coming back into fashion. This is also one of the most popular types of screensavers you can see.

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