Pages 3D: The best desktop wallpapers about famous singers

Whether at work, school, or on your personal computer using a desktop wallpaper is a great way to show that your device is idle. When a computer is idle, it can show a desktop wallpaper for a set amount of time until you come back which is a great opportunity to let others know a little something about yourself, specifically your taste in music 

We here at Pages 3D believe that you can make the best use of desktop wallpapers you like by using this guide to help you go through and solve pick your own desktop wallpaper. Keep reading to see some of our favourite choices from our wide range of music-related desktop wallpapers. 


This one is not just for the single ladies but all true members of The Bey Hive. There are a lot of great desktop wallpaper-worthy moments in Beyonce’s rich career that you can choose from. 

Some of our favourites desktop wallpaper moments of her albums throughout her career like:

  • The Dangerously in Love era that showcased Beyonce’s debut as a solo artist after her departure from the pop girl group Destiny’s Child in 2003
  • The Lemonade era wherein she described her marital struggles and empowering lessons from her personal life in 2016
  • The most recent Renaissance era in 2022 shows Beyonce’s evolution as a singer, trendsetter of pop culture, and lover of fashion.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, also affectionately known as ‘Mother Monster’ by her fans called ‘Little Monsters’, is a cultural icon whom many already have desktop wallpapers of because of her impact on pop culture. One of many things that Lady Gaga is known for is her visual and creative ways of expressing herself whether it’s through singing, dancing, or acting.

If you’re a hardcore Lady Gaga fan, you’ll love desktop wallpapers of her many memorable runways throughout her career like her 2019 MET Gala look where she featured not only one look but three Brandon Maxwell looks in celebration of the theme which was ‘Camp!’. Another great option as a desktop wallpaper is her 2010 Grammy Music Award red carpet look which featured a Giorgio Armani gown.

Michael Jackson

What’s a list of the most famous music icons of the past century without the king of pop himself, Michael Jackon? From iconic poses, dance moves, and costumes, Michael Jackson has everything needed to make a desktop wallpaper that shouts ‘I love Michael Jackson’. 

There are many amazing moments in Michael Jackson’s life that can be used as a desktop wallpaper. Here are our top picks for moments in the king of pop’s life that ought to be your next desktop wallpaper:

  • His ‘Beat it’ music video performance in 1982 features him in a red leather jacket that became a symbol of the 1980s.
  • The well-loved studded white glove that he wore with his equally studded military jacket ensemble to the 1984 grammy.
  • Michael Jackson’s bad boy era featured him in a strapping black leather jacket, darker makeup, and tight jeans for the premiere of his 1987 album ‘Bad’. He stole the hearts of many fans with this look that matched songs from his album like ‘Smooth Criminal’, ‘Bad’, and ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’.

Elton John

Elton John has been a trendsetting rockstar since his singing debut in 1969. He’s since been nicknamed ‘The Rocket Man’ as he rose to stardom in the 1970s. 

Picking and having desktop wallpapers of this famous rockstar means seeing him in some of his craziest and most colourful costumes when he was on tour, accepting awards, or performing on stage. 

One of our favourite desktop wallpaper worthy-moments includes his 1973 acceptance into the dazzling Hollywood Walk of fame where wore he an equally extravagant gold and white waistcoat and suit with a matching star-studded boulder hat. Another great option is his 1976 baseball-inspired costume that was covered in multi-tone crystals which he wore to his concert in the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, U.S.A 

No matter who your favourite musician is, Pages 3D has the desktop wallpaper for you

There are many singers and artists out there who have amazing moments in their careers that we want to capture and be inspired by wherever we are. Though the choice is entirely personal, your wallpaper choice can mean many things about you and having musicians there is just another way of showing who you really are. If you need any help, feel free to check our FAQ blog for more information. With all that said, have fun choosing wallpapers, screensavers, and more with Pages 3D today!

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