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Screensavers are one of the best things that happened for computers because they not only provide entertainment but also security. This bit of media comes in different forms, but it will always appear as moving visuals. Get to know more about what they are and how you can get them at Pages 3D!

What are screensavers for?

Computers enter a state of idleness when you do not use them. This is to prevent further damage to the computer screen due to the long exposure to light. 

That is why the idle state of a computer makes the screen go black. For some, they might find this boring, unattractive or plain. Because of this, designers and developers started to find ways how they can get creative. From there, screensavers came into existence.

Screensavers can appear in different shapes, forms or sizes. They can be a moving still of a scenery or a display containing abstract shapes. Either way, the goal of screensavers is to provide additional aesthetics and customization to your computer. 

Where can I get screensavers?

Screensavers are available all over the internet, but the best place to get yours is at Pages 3D. Here, you have access to the entire library of different screensaver themes. To give you an idea, below is a list of available items at Pages 3D:

  1. Sports – Everyone loves sports, and Pages 3D has a variety of sports-related screensavers available just for you. These come from your favourite physical activities such as football, soccer, basketball, golf, and so many more. Moreover, this category offers iconic shots of famous athletes worldwide. Find your sports screensaver now by typing what you need.

  2. Cartoon characters – Who doesn’t love cartoon characters? Get your favourite cartoon-themed screensavers here at Pages 3D!

  3. Customized words – Do you want a more minimalistic design for your screensavers? If so, then you should try getting customized words. It can be your name, favourite phrase or anything that comes to your mind.

  4. Nature – Seeing nature spots from different parts of the world calms you down. Unwind from the stress and turmoil of your job by choosing to have a nature-themed screensaver.

Do screensavers protect your computer?

A lot of people might think that screensavers serve no importance, but it does. It prevents anyone from viewing your private computer files while you are away. 

The moment your device becomes idle, the screensaver will automatically display itself to mask all the items displayed on your screen. If someone tries to access your computer, they have to enter a password or code to proceed. 

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, you may send them all to the official social media channels of Pages 3D!